Drupal Videocasts and Screencasts

Links to various Drupal-related video resources.
There are two links per screencast.
  1. The first link to the page about the screencast.
  2. The second link directly to the video file.

An overview of Screencasts

Installing Drupal 4.7

Upgrading to Drupal 4.7

What's new in Drupal 4.7

Flickr stickr module

Menu system

Zacker on Organic Groups

Drupal Mashup Machine about the modules: Google maps, Content Creation Kit (CCK), Views, Node Import, GMaps, Location

Installing Drupal 4.7 in 3 minutes

Creating a Static Site in Drupal with a Menu (Drupal 4.6.6)

Other Drupal videos: Conferences, User meetups

Boris from Bryght on the CCK

Boris from Bryght User meeting

Audio and video recordings of the 2005 Drupal conference
The audio and video recordings of the 2005 Drupal conference are all BitTorent downloads for which you need to have BitTorent installed, which can be downloaded for free at

Overview page of 2005 Drupal conference

The state and future of Drupal - Dries Buytaert (42.3 MB)

Theme development - Steven Wittens (41.5 MB)

Metadata-driven workflow - John VanDyk (65.3 MB)

The content construction kit - Jonathan Chaffer (70.2 MB)

Multimedia in Drupal - James Walker (47.6 MB)

Drupal as an e-commerce platform - Matt Westgate (30.8 MB)

100% availability, scalability and security with Drupal - David 'Kat' Monosov (63.4 MB)

Drupal as a contact relationship management platform - Neil Drumm (40.9 MB)

Closing debate (14.7 MB)

Drupal video repositories

Drupal repositories you may find useful to find future screencasts and videocasts.


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